Genie's Gems

Rub the lamp and test your luck. Go and find the Genie's Gems!

This scratch ticket game, Genie's Gems, takes players back to the Arabian Knights and the mysterious hunters of the Sahara. Players scratch off all the squares on the ticket to reveal symbols. Players start the game by clicking the "New Ticket" button. Players then scratch the ticket by holding down the mouse button while moving the cursor back and forth over an unscratched region until all symbols are revealed. Click the "Scratch-All" button to automatically reveal all symbols. If three of the same symbol are revealed, the player will be awarded the credit value represented by that symbol.

Click the "Rules" button to display a brief overview of how the game is played. Click the "Tools" button to change the scratch tool at any point during the game. Click one of the mute buttons in either the options area or in the game itself to mute the sound effects, music, or all sounds.


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Goal of the scratch card games

Find three of the same symbol while scratching the cards / tickets.

How to play

Value of the bet: Choose the amount (or coin) you want to bet for every ticket.

Scratch: Use the mouse to scratch off the entire surface of the ticket to reveal symbols. If three of the same symbol appear, a prize has been won!

How to win

Win by uncovering three of the same symbol on a scratch card. All winning combinations are listed on the payment board. If a winning combination is uncovered, it will be highlighted and the prize won will appear. This amount will be multiplied by the value of the bet. For example: if four points are earned and the bet was a 5 coin, earnings will be 20. If more than one prize is won, they will not be added together. Only the highest prize is paid out and will be added automatically to a player's credits.

Other options

You may click on the mute button on the "Options" menu to turn the game sound on and off.

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