Welcome to Azteca Bingo Affiliates Program.

What is the Azteca Bingo Affiliates Program?

The Azteca Bingo Affiliates program is an excellent formula to guarantee regular and increasing income for people who have a website. Azteca Bingo will facilitate a tracking system which will establish the origin of users to allow you to find clients (Affiliates clients). The following questions are asked by the majority of affiliates who search for users through the internet (with banners, advertising campaigns, text recommendation or mail marketing). Searching for users is also possible through other mediums such as the press, the radio etc.

Who can apply for the affiliation program?

The Affiliates of Azteca Bingo program are directed towards any person who can attract and register users coming from their Internet or retailer support mediums. It would be ideal if the traffic and the information of the affiliate website would be compatible with the product(s) that Azteca Bingo offers.

How can you become a Azteca Bingo affiliate?

To join our affiliation program it is necessary to have online traffic or a member database. We will provide advertising banners and emails (email marketing). In order to register for our affiliation program, please sign up for our affiliate registration and send an email to [email protected] to speed up verification. Click here to access our Affiliation agreement.

What are the advantages of the Affiliation Program?

The Azteca Bingo Affiliates Program offers a high, standardized percentage on net income, i.e. on the amounts lost by the affiliate's clients (gross income minus deductible expenses) on all of the products offered. This percentage will be valid during the time span of the affiliate agreement.

How will these advantages be communicated and received?

With access to the information we provide when you register, our system will allow the affiliate to view client transactions at any given time. Commissions will be paid on a monthly basis.

For which reasons could an application be denied?

Azteca Bingo always reserves the right to accept or deny applications. We will not accept websites of sexual, violent or offensive nature. We will not accept websites that are directed toward a minor (under age 18) audience.

How can client capture be increased?

In order to improve the client capture performance, it is important to have a website which motivates users to register on Azteca Bingo. Here are some suggestions:

- Changing banner content frequently.
- Advertising in the newsletters sent to users.
- Using text recommendations.
- Periodically analyzing the most appropriate banners.

For more information, please read the Affiliation Agreement or contact [email protected]

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