Speed Bingo

Speed bingo is fast and furious. You will be a winner in a flash!

Speed Bingo is the game for players who love their bingo to move at a fast and furious pace. Speed Bingo can make you a winner in a flash, since a ball is called every second!

Speed Bingo is designed for playing quickly with multiple cards. The game is played with only 30 balls on 3x3 cards. The goal of Speed Bingo is to fill all nine numbers on any one card.


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We make bingo easier with features such as auto-daub. Auto-daub automatically marks off numbers on your bingo cards as they are called. This allows you to focus on participating in chat games or our spin-and-win slots. The best ticket and card will automatically be sorted and highlighted when you get close to a Bingo. If two or more players complete a Bingo at the same time the prize pot will be shared evenly between those players.

Progressive JACKPOT

Our progressive JACKPOTs get bigger with every bingo game played. All that is needed to win the progressive pot is to get a Bingo within a certain number of calls. If you win, you'll get both the progressive JACKPOT and the normal game JACKPOT.

Micro Games and Slots

Micro games are available for play at any time. These games are played within the bingo interface and do not require you to open another window. They can be played in tandem with bingo and will not affect your ability to win a jackpot.

How to play

The first step is to select the cards you want to play. The selected cards can then be purchased by clicking the "buy" button. Your purchased cards will change color and an ID number will be shown below each card. Cards can be purchased up to 20 seconds ahead of a game start time. Once the bingo game begins, a number is called every few seconds. If activated, the auto-daub feature will automatically mark each number on the relevant cards as they are called, or the user can choose to mark each card manually. A Bingo is automatically called when a player achieves the required line(s) to win the JACKPOT. In the event of a tie, where multiple players achieve Bingo on the same call, the JACKPOT is split evenly among all the winning players. Once the game is complete, the winners of each round and their winnings will be displayed for every player.

Do I win real money?

Yes, your winnings will be credited to your account as soon as you win a game.


Some of our bingo games will offer a JACKPOT prize. In the top left-hand corner of the bingo game interface you will see the current JACKPOT payout and what is necessary to win that JACKPOT.

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