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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions regulate the use of Azteca Bingos. They are applicable to all products and services Azteca Bingos offer. Please read the terms and conditions ("terms") carefully before accepting them. Terms and Conditions refer to regulations regarding the services available in Azteca Bingos. Customers may close their Azteca Bingos account at any time. We suggest that you print out a copy of these terms and keep them for future reference.


1.1 Introduction and Company Details

  • The following terms and conditions entail a binding agreement between you (The User) and Pololo Gaming Ltd for all transactions carried out with Azteca Bingos.
  • Azteca Bingos is managed by the Operator, Pololo Gaming Ltd (‘the Operator'), a company registered in Malta under the Number C46086. The registered address is the following: Vincenti Buildings, Suite 617, 14/19 Strait Street, Valletta VLT 1432, Malta (EU). You can contact the Operator by sending an email to [email protected]
  • The Operator is registered in Malta and is regulated by the Lotteries & Gambling Authority (LGA) under the provisional license number LGA/CL3/547/2008 issued 9th July 2009. LGA is solely responsible for regulating all games operated under a Maltese license. For more information about the LGA visit their website at
  • Azteca Bingos is a trademark owned by the Operator. Only the Bingo games are licensed and regulated under Maltese law.

1.2 Definitions

  • "Games" - Refers to bingo and to all the games that the user can access through Azteca Bingos.
  • "Azteca Bingos" - Refers to the sites "Azteca Bingos" in any of their extensions (for example .com, .net, etc.)
  • "Content" - Refers to all texts and symbols that the Users write in the chat rooms. It also refers to the website text.
  • "User" - Refers to both fun-players and players.
  • "Fun-player" - Refers to users that have not deposited.
  • "Player" - Refers to users that have deposited.

1.3 Assignment of Rights

The Operator reserves the right to assign users rights and obligations to any other company jointly owned by Pololo Gaming Ltd. If an assignment of rights should be necessary, the Operator guarantees that the new company will fulfill all obligations towards all existing users at the moment of assignment.

1.4 Amendments

The Operator reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions when considered necessary, without previously warning users. Terms and conditions will always be available on Azteca Bingos and all major changes will be advised to the user.

1.5 Applicable laws

The Bingo Games are governed by Maltese law.

1.6 Languages

In the instance in which the terms (including the bonus and other terms referred to in these terms) are available in several languages and there are inconsistencies between the content of the different texts, the version in English will prevail.


2.1 Application

To be able to play in Azteca Bingos users needs to create a valid account. Applications should be made through a registration form available in Azteca Bingos. Accounts can only be activated when the users accept the terms and conditions.

2.2 Conditions to Create an Account.

Accounts can only be created by players:

  • Register personally.
  • 18 years of age or older, in the case of Estonian players they must be over 21 years old.
  • registered under his/her correct name
  • registered under his/her correct address
  • registered under his/her correct email address
  • that have registered only one account (it is not allowed to register more than one account per person)
  • that are not classified as problem gamblers
  • who accept that our method of generating random numbers will determine the winner and that they accept the result of the games. Users agree and accept that our rules are the final authority to decide regulations and circumstances of the users' participation in Azteca Bingos.

2.3 Jurisdictions and playing in certain countries

Should playing games online be illegal in the jurisdiction of the player (normally the country where the player resides), an account cannot be created. It is the responsibility of the player to ensure that the applicable laws in his/her country are not violated if he/she plays on The Operator is not responsible should illegal playing take place. Legality is always checked upon request of withdrawal.

The Operator reserves the right to determine bets to be invalid should the Operator identify players playing illegally. In these cases the Operator will not compensate players and may pass the funds to the LGA.

2.4 User agreement

Players who register guarantee that:

  • They fulfill the terms of point 2.2 (Conditions to create an Account) and point 2.3 (Jurisdictions and playing in certain Countries).
  • They do not act in the name of another person.
  • They cannot deposit money into an account with a credit card they are not authorized to use.
  • They cannot deposit money coming from an illegal action in an account. All transactions will be checked for Money Laundering.
  • They will notify the Operator regarding any changes with regards to article 2.2 (Conditions to create an account).
  • Do not scheme or try to conspire or take part, directly or indirectly, in any conspiracy with any other player during the course of any game that is being played or will be played in Azteca Bingos. Moreover active measures are taken to prohibit the use of devices such as robots that may distort the normal game play.
  • Credit card and debit card details provided during the registration process belong to the person registered to the bank account and the bank card has not been reported as lost or stolen.
  • They are not one of our executives, directors, personnel, advisers or agents or is employed in one of our subsidiaries, distributors or sellers. Also, he/she is not a relative (in this clause the term “Relative” refers to a spouse, partner, offspring, brother or sister.
  • Have not previously opened an account which is still active.
  • When opening an account they will not provide false information or will make false statements.
  • Selling/transferring and/or acquiring of accounts to/from other players is prohibited.

2.5 Administration regarding log-in

The Operator assures its users that logging-in to accounts is a secure and confidential process in agreement with best practices available to protect the users' data.

2.6 Account Deposits and Payouts

Deposits into accounts can only be made in the available currencies.

Payouts will be made to the same account from which the deposits were made, if available.

In the instance a transaction system does not accept payouts the Operator will perform additional safety controls before proceeding with the transaction. The Operator shall carry out additional identity verification for any payout exceeding the equivalent of 2.300 euros and furthermore reserves the right to carry out such additional verification procedures in the case of lower payouts.

Deposits are immediate.

The Operator will do its utmost to process any withdrawal requests within three to five working days from receipt of such request.

2.7 Transaction Charges

The Operator reserves the right to debit charges for transactions (deposits or payouts). The costs of applicable charges are indicated in Azteca Bingos. This is not a financial institution and account balances will not earn interest.

2.8 Providing Registration Information

Users are in charge of keeping registration information confidential. For this reason information should not be shared with anybody. Passwords are to be kept secret and not written down. Furthermore the Operator recommends that users create passwords of at least 6 characters in length and using alphanumeric and special characters (e.g. AbcD_124). The Operator is not responsible for the consequences derived from the usage of registration information that contravenes these terms and conditions.

2.9 Identity Verification/Payment Method

The Operator reserves the right to authenticate identity and payment method (for instance credit card details). The Operator may request users to provide original copies of documentation.

2.10 Rejection, Elimination and cancellation of accounts.

The Operator reserves the right to reject an account application without mentioning the reasons for rejection. The Operator reserves the right to report suspicious transactions. Should there be suspicion of violation of these terms and conditions, the Operator also reserves the right to eliminate or cancel an account without prior warning. In that case, the Operator reserves the right to deny payment of account earnings. Users may close their account at any given time by contacting our Customer Service Team and requesting account closure.

2.11 Credit Blockage

If a Azteca Bingos account has stayed inactive for a period of ninety days, subsequent months will be charged a maintenance fee. Up on thirty (30) months inactivity, Azteca Bingos will try to remit the account balance to the User. In the event that the user cannot be satisfactorily contacted, the balance will be sent to the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta and no claim shall lie against Azteca Bingos. Should users violate these Terms and conditions or take part in any illegal activity during the course of a game or in the use of an account, the Operator reserves the right to immobilize or confiscate account balances.


3.1 Administration

The Operator will save personal details (including account transactions) for the general administration of user accounts and for transactions between participants. This information will be handled as confidential and will not be revealed to anybody without authorization of the User. The user is aware and accepts that the processes of Azteca Bingos's administration including providing a report to the authorities regarding suspicious signs of breach of these terms and conditions as is required by law. You always has a right of access to the information the Operator has about you.

3.2 Telephone Communication

Telephone communication between users and Azteca Bingos's personnel can be recorded for safety reasons and for personnel training.

3.3 Cookies

Azteca Bingos uses "Cookies" to simplify the use of Azteca Bingos for users and for administrative reasons.

3.4 Privacy Policy

The Operator and its subsidiaries assure to respect and protect user privacy. The following statement reveals information gathered by The Operator.

Web Information - As part of the web operative system and for the statistical analysis of web traffic, IP addresses are automatically saved.

Advertising - The system saves IP's addresses to be able to offer more accurate and correct advertising, such as advertisements in a specific language.

Details to Open an Account - The information received during the process of opening of the account is kept strictly confidential for internal use. The Operator does not share this information with any third company and/or any organization. This information includes e-mail address of users and personal information provided during the application process. This information will be used only for necessary operations, for example to process payments, checks and other required information. E-mail addresses are not shared with any other company or organization.

Payment Details - Users' earnings and payments are kept strictly private, confidential and secure. The Operator will not provide this information to any third parties unless this information must be revealed by law or by obligation of a legitimate authority.

Security - The Operator employs some of the best available equipment to assure that user information remains secure. All information is transferred using codification technology and once saved in servers it is maintained secure with firewalls. Processes are put in place to maintain the accuracy and privacy of databases and to protect against any incorrect use or loss with regards to the Azteca Bingos website. For any queries regarding the privacy of personal details and security details please contact the Help page.

Personal Data - We will retain your Personal Information for a period of time after your last transaction and/or account closure in accordance with our legal and regulatory obligations after which time it will be securely destroyed. We also have the right to disclose your Personal Information to relevant recipients if we are required to do so by law, or if we believe in good faith that such disclosure is necessary to: (a) comply with any legal process served on the company or its gaming service; (b) protect and defend our rights and/or property; (c) protect the safety of other users of the gaming service or the public or; (d) investigate any suspected violations of our Terms and Conditions, fraud or other similar and/or unlawful activity performed by you.

View additional information in Privacy Policy

3.5 User Communication

The Operator uses email address to inform clients regarding software updates, promotions, news, or any information that the Operator considers could be of interest. Should the User not want to receive e-mails he/she should make a request to [email protected] or through the "unsubscribe" link which users can find in all email communications.

3.6 Responsible Gambling

The Operator wants its users to enjoy playing and chatting on the website. We do not want any harm to come to anybody who has problems controlling their gambling. The user should only play to have fun and not for any other reason. If you believe you may have a problem or potentially be at risk of having a gambling problem, please visit our Responsible Gaming webpage for further details and information on the subject.


4.1 Azteca Bingos

Our Software - On the Azteca Bingos website users can enjoy software of superior sound quality, excellent graphics, XML technology, Java and Flash without errors. Our software provider is the worldwide recognized Aberrant Ltd.

Additional Protection Systems - Azteca Bingos software is equipped with protection against a possible system breakdown. In the improbable instance of a system breakdown this protection system assures that users will not be affected (will not lose their money). The Operator is aware that saving personal information in a secure way is crucial. The Operator has a Verisign's certificate that assures that Azteca Bingos is a legal and secure page.

Servers - Our servers are located in Malta. This allows us to provide our clients with the best quality, professionalism and speed worldwide 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

4.2 Other Games

Apart from Bingo the Operator offers clients a wide range of card, casino and soft games that allow users to increase enjoyment and satisfaction while playing, these games are not regulated by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta.

4.3 Users play at their own risk

Users participating in bingo and other Azteca Bingos games do so at their own risk.

4.4 Rules of the Game

There are rules and special procedures that the users must accept to be able to play bingo and the other games. To view bingo and game rules enter into the Games section. By accepting the terms and conditions the user also accepts these special rules.


5.1 Standard content of Chat Rooms

Players cannot disregard "Contents" in chat rooms, in notice boards and in live conversations during games. The “Content” must reflect the standards of the Operator. We will be able to remove “content” if, in our opinion, it does not rise to these standards. The Operator may forbid users to add “content” and may cancel user accounts.

5.2 Using other people's identity in the Chat Rooms

It is not allowed to use other people's identity (including celebrities, representatives of corporations) or write promotional messages regarding illegal activities. It is also not possible to advertise, to issue promotional material, chain letters, or any other commercial use of our service.

5.3 Supervision in Chat Rooms and Content Responsibility

The Operator cannot supervise all "Content" and does not attempt to do so. Should users encounter offensive "Content" they can contact [email protected] where all claims will be investigated. When opening an account, users agree to not hold accountable the Operator for the publication of an offensive language in user's “content”.

5.4 Chat Room Moderators (CM or MC)

The function of the moderators is to monitor chat rooms and to protect users from inappropriate behavior. Should users believe that "Content" is not appropriate, they have the ability to stop this activity. Users may identify moderators since their names will appear in the users list, users should type the word "MODERATE" after their name.

5.5 Harassment and Flooding

The Operator considers "harassment" the supposition in which a user should indicate that he/she does not want to chat with another user who continues to send messages to him/her. Users have the right to chat only with whom they want. Defaming a chat session is considered a form of harassment, and it is not allowed. Rapid, repeated messages, excessively long, duplicates, of one character or word for line, are considered "flooding" and are not allowed.

5.6 Forbidden Chat Room Content: Racism, sexual content, content related to drugs and illegal activities in general

The following actions are strictly forbidden in Chat Rooms and will result in the immediate closure of a user account: racist statements of any type, to have cyber sex, to publish pornographic and sexual links, to maintain conversations related to drugs, to publish links related to drugs and the promotion of activities related to drugs. In agreement with the freedom of speech policy, users are allowed to maintain political debates, providing that the majority of chat room users are not offended by the topic. Discussions, regarding the promotion of illegal activities of any type are not allowed in chat rooms. This includes computer piracy, gangs, harassment, etc. Any suspicious chats will be reported to the relevant authorities. Users are not allowed to complain or diminish Azteca Bingos in chat rooms. Should a user have a complaint he/she should use the Contact page.

5.7 Advertising

It is forbidden to use chat rooms or any other area of this website for commercial or non-commercial promotion or advertising without prior permission of the Operator. It is forbidden to advertise, to send links regarding other chat rooms in other web sites or advertising the services of competitors publicly or privately.

5.8 Sending Personal Details

It is not allowed in any of our chat rooms to send personal emails, telephone numbers, street addresses or links to commercial or non-commercial private websites. Should this occur users account will be cancelled.

5.9 Feedback

The Operator evaluates the positive and the negative aspects of its product. We value client communication and feedback regarding Azteca Bingos services. To let us know how to improve the product/service users should make use of the Help Desk or Email contact page.

5.10 Claims

The Operator does its best to provide users with a good service. Should users wish to complain about a Azteca Bingos service they should use the Contact page. The Operator does its best to provide users with a good service. Should users wish to complain about a Azteca Bingos service they should use the Contact Page. The Operator will make every effort to respond to all emails within the following 48 hours.


6.1 Information in

The data available in is used for informational purposes only. The Operator does not guarantee the overall accuracy, validity and truthfulness of this data.

6.2 Complaints

Complaints regarding Azteca Bingos should be made within thirty (30) days from the time of the occurrence or circumstance which caused the complaint. The Operator will never be responsible for complaints made after thirty (30) days. If you have a query with regard to any transaction, you may contact Pololo Gaming Ltd at [email protected] with details of the complaint. We will review any queried or disputed transactions. For any complaints concerning Bingo games, if for some reason players are not satisfied with the resolution of their complaint by Pololo Gaming, they have the right to bring the dispute to the Lotteries and Gaming Authority on [email protected]

6.3 Responsibility Limitations

The Operator will never be responsible for damage or loss which users incur and that directly or indirectly are caused by:

  • Mistakes, incorrect texts, translations mistakes, spelling mistakes etc. in Azteca Bingos.
  • System errors, software or communication through Azteca Bingos.
  • System errors, software or communication through third parties.
  • Breach of terms and conditions.
  • Illegal operations performed by the user.
  • Advice provided by Azteca Bingos.
  • Circumstances beyond Azteca Bingos's control.

The Operator's responsibility will be limited to the lowest premium that should be paid to the user or to the net profit of the user or to the surplus balance in a users account (non reimbursed net profits).


Azteca Bingos only allows access through a secure connection using username and password codification. It is not possible to play in Azteca Bingos without having signed-in.

  • Azteca Bingos uses some of the best available codification systems for username and password registration and for all the other delicate data transferred between the user and our servers. Do not attempt to force entry or to avoid our security system. Should the Operator suspect an attempt of any kind of forced entry or any attempt to avoid our security system or software we are authorized to immediately terminate user access to Azteca Bingos and to close the user account. We also reserve the right to contact the authorities.
  • The Operator will only use personal information in agreement with the Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to change the Privacy Policy at any given time or to ask user to provide additional information, which will be treated in a confidential manner. Furthermore, the Operator reserves the right to reveal under certain circumstances, certain compulsory details in agreement with the law. The right to reveal personal details to authorities serves the purpose of investigating money laundering, fraud and criminal activities, in agreement with the Privacy Policy.


  • The user agrees to receive communication via email. All online and paper communication will be considered "written", and communication should be received within 5 working days whether or not the user has opened this communication. The Operator reserves the right without any obligation to provide paper communication.
  • All written communication and all queries regarding this agreement should be addressed to [email protected] .


Should a court of law or authority state that parts of these terms and conditions are null and void, unbinding or contrary to the law the remaining terms will continue to be valid and liable until the law states otherwise.


For details of the Bonus Policy and Terms and Conditions, please refer to separate Bonuses section.


This agreement will become effective from the moment the users register and/or clicks on the "I agree", button and will remain effective indefinitely unless the account is closed as stated in the Clause 2.10. By registering, making a deposit or playing bingo or other Azteca Bingos games, the user agrees to be subject to these terms and conditions of Use.

Version 1.5 December, 2010

Valid until further notice

Azteca Bingos™ is a registered trademark operated by Pololo Gaming Ltd. of Vincenti Buildings, Suite 617, 14/19 Strait Street, Valletta VLT 1432, a limited liability company registered in Malta (EU), that operates under a license (no: LGA/CL3/547/2008) issued (9th July, 2009) and regulated by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority Malta. SSL encryption is employed to protect sensitive data